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Border Compliance

For participants coming from points north and east it is recommended that you cross the border into Chihuahua, Mexico at the Columbus/Palomas crossing approx. 30 miles south of Deming, New Mexico. If you want to cross with the workshop group we will assemble in Deming and then enter here. It is less crowded and a more direct route to Nuevo Casas Grandes than other crossings like El Paso, Texas. 

What you need if you’re NOT driving across:

A Passport or Birth Certificate (original)
A Travel Card

What you need if you ARE driving across:

Vehicle Title or written, notarized permission from the Title Holder. (This must be in the driver’s name, not husband’s, wife’s, mother’s, etc.)
A Travel Card 
A Visa or Master Card (American Express not okay)
A Driver’s License
Mexican Insurance (Available in border towns. Optional but highly recommended!)

When crossing the border, the first stop is to get a Travel Card at the Immigration/Border Office. Do this by showing a passport or an original birth certificate. The border official will want to know what you do for a living (your profession), where you are going and how long you will be staying. This usually takes longer than it looks like it should take. Each Travel Card is completed individually, by hand. If you are traveling with children, make sure both parents are with your group or have an original notarized permission letter from the parent who is not traveling. This letter must state that you may take the child across the international border between the U. S. and Mexico.

If you are driving across the border, you will need to take your Travel Card to the vehicle registration area. This is usually located right next to the border office. Have several duplicates of everything previously listed except the Travel Card. You may get copies of the Travel Card somewhere at the border, usually a nearby merchant.

At the vehicle registration area your documents will be checked and you will be asked to pay a fee (around $15) for a permit to drive in Mexico. This fee is applied to a Master Card or Visa and your card number is noted. This is a security measure that the Mexican government has in place to insure that you do not cross the border and sell your vehicle without paying the proper tariffs.

Vehicle permits are good for six months. They are rather fancy holographic stickers that will be placed by the border/vehicle official in the upper left hand interior windshield of your car.

Upon your return to the U. S., you must surrender the vehicle sticker if you don’t plan on returning. The vehicle official will remove the sticker and you will be directed on.

If you do not speak or understand Spanish, buy a translation book or electronic translator. If you cannot speak Spanish, most of the people working at the border do, however they probably won’t use English unless they have to. So, being prepared is your best bet.

For the latest up-to-date official information contact your nearest Mexican Consulate in the United States.

Lodging and Accommodations

These hotels are listed in order of price from highest to lowest at time of printing. Reservations can usually be made by phone or fax. Please keep in mind that telephone numbers may change. Sorry I do not have a list of email addresses. Camping may also be a possibility but no information is available at this time.

Hotel Hacienda
Ave. Benito Juarez No. 2603
Phone 01152-636-694-1046/6941047
Fax 01152-636-694-1848
(Pool, nice restaurant, enclosed with fence and gate)

Hotel Las Fuentes
Ave. Colon S/N
Phone 00152-636-694-5402/6945410
Fax 00152-636-694-0712
(East side of town, pool, good restaurant, large rooms, safe parking)

Motel Casas Grandes
Ave. Benito Juarez No. 3600
Phone 01152-636-694-4844/694-4944
(On north edge of town, quite, nice pool, off-street parking by rooms)

Hotel Paquime
Ave. Benito Juarez No. 401
Phone 01152-636-694-4720
Fax 01152-636-694-4720
(Small pool, no restaurant, limited parking, center of town, ask for new rooms)

Motel Pinon
Ave. Benito Juarez No. 605
Phone 01152-636-694-0655/6940166
Fax 01152-636-694-1705
(Center of town, pool and enclosed parking, small dark rooms)

Hotel California
Ave. Constitution 209
Phone 01152-636-694-2214/6941110
(Center of town across railroad tracks, ask for newer room)

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