Prehistoric Technology
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Authentic Southwestern Anasazi (ancestral Puebloan) replica pottery hand-made in Colorado. Based entirely on the "prehistoric model" and archaeological references, each piece is created using only prehistorically available materials, tools, and technologies. Work is done without the benefits of metal, modern equipment, commercial materials or animal fuels.

Wood's Authentic Prehistoric Pottery Technology Model 

Each link below leads to larger photo with description.

claydig.jpg (43248 bytes) Materials: All hand-gathered clays and materials.
Tools.jpg (23482 bytes) Tools: Made of gourd, stone, bone, leather, wood and yucca.
grind.jpg (9633 bytes)Grinding Clay: with Mano and Metate.
forming.jpg (16445 bytes) Process: Hand-built using coil, pinch and scrape method.
Burnish: vessel surface for high luster before painting.
BeePlant1.jpg (66384 bytes) Organic Paint: Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (Cleome Serrulata)
paint.jpg (16832 bytes) Painting: Hand painted with organic paint using a yucca fiber brush.
CRfiring09.jpg (57218 bytes) Firing: Sandstone lined trench kiln firing using wood fuel.           
unearth4.jpg (43030 bytes) Unearthing: the trench Kiln
052998fire.jpg (79084 bytes) Fired Pottery: in the trench kiln

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