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The artist's studio and tools.

Items are placed on a metate grinding stone.

(Left to right front) Deer rib. Deer humerus bone scraper. Turkey bone awl. Two deer radius bone awls. Two gourd rind scrapers. Three yucca fiber brushes. Raw clay. Stone paint pallet containing vegetal/ organic paint.

(Middle ) Stone disc often used as a potters wheel. Items on stone disc (dark and white stones) are stone gastroliths (dinosaur gizzard stone) burnishers. Stone flakes for cutting. Ball of wet clay. Dry cake of organic paint wrapped in a corn husk. 

(Back) Far left. Gourd. A finished bowl. Several hand-held Mano grinding stones. Bundle of yucca leaves bound with deer hide. (above bundle) Gourd vase containing flowers of paint source plant , Rocky Mountain Bee plant Cleome Serrulata. Two corn cobs.

Established 1977 
Updated 02/02/2023
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