Anasazi Pottery
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Anasazi Pottery

The haunting beauty of Anasazi black on white pottery is the timeless legacy of the prehistoric Southwest. The dignity of classic vessel form is tempered by a compliment of bold and vibrant geometric design. The unity of vessel contour and surface painting creates dynamic visual rhythms that captivates the beholder.

For a millennium, ceramic traditions evolved as the Anasazi flourished upon the Colorado plateau. In pottery making, the ancestral Puebloans developed true artistic expression. When the "Ancient Ones" mysteriously vanished some seven hundred years ago so did the secrets of their ceramic technology. Only ruins and artifacts remained as silent clues about Anasazi life. Until recently, very little evidence had been unearthed about actual Anasazi pottery production methods. By sifting through the riddles of the past, we have begun to unravel the mysteries of this lost art form. 
Ongoing collaborations between dedicated artists and archaeologists have now begun to unlock secrets to this centuries old pottery tradition. 
To truly gain insight into the artistic achievements of these remarkable people we must seek understanding from a prehistoric perspective.

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