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Taina, Taller de Artes Isla Nina Association / Institute of Puerto Rican Culture Pottery Project~ 1993

In 1993 Gregory Wood conducted an authentic Taino (the people who met Colombus) replica pottery workshop in Puerto Rico as part of a Taina, Taller de Artes Isla Nina Association and Institute of Puerto Rican Culture project. This five week workshop took place on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico and was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. It was also supported in part by the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Museum. 

The focus of this pottery project was to utilize regional archaeological  references and only local prehistorically available materials, tools, and techniques to produce viable pottery products for the growing tourist market. Connections were made between the prehistoric Taino potters of the past and the modern resident potters of Puerto Rico to emphasize cultural relevance. The goal of this project was to help establish a sustainable pottery market on the island of Vieques and to teach a trade to disadvantaged inhabitants. See photo essay of seminar below.

Taina, Taller de Artes Isla Nina Association / Institute of Puerto Rican Culture Pottery Project ~Fall 1993~ Photo Essay

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PR_studio1.jpg (46517 bytes) Taino Pottery Demonstration
PR_clayDig.jpg (51378 bytes) Digging native Taino clay
taino_clay_process.jpg (40041 bytes) Taino Clay Processing
taino_demo2.jpg (41076 bytes) Taino Pottery Making
taino_firing_prep.jpg (51803 bytes) Taino Firing Preparation
taino_firing2.jpg (42400 bytes) Taino Group Firing #2
taino_firing3.jpg (24645 bytes) Taino Firing with Daniel Silvan Pagan


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