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Explore the timeless legacy of ancestral Puebloan pottery at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez Colorado.

makepot3.jpg (41824 bytes)June 19-25 2005


Come to world renowned Crow Canyon Archaeological Center* in the American Southwest’s spectacular Four Corners region and immerse yourself in this in-depth, hands-on week of authentic ancestral Pueblo pottery replication. Using only native materials that were available to prehistoric peoples, create exquisite pieces from the earth and discover what we now know about this lost art. Gregory S. Wood and Paul Ermigiotti share with you their research, expertise and perspectives on the total process, including: clay deposits, tempers, slips, tool making, vessel building and designs, vegetal and mineral paints, kiln construction, and firing techniques. Expand your knowledge of the pottery styles and techniques specific to this remarkable region and it’s people.

Fee: includes tuition, materials, all meals and shared accommodations. 

For more Information visit:
or call:
1-800-422-8975, ext. 146 

*Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is located in Cortez, Colorado adjacent to Mesa Verde National Park .



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