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Explore the timeless legacy of ancestral Pueblo pottery at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.


A Study in Clay: Ancestral Pueblo Pottery Replication and Experimentation

August 11-17, 2013

Join Gregory Wood for this very special collaborative seminar. Come to world renowned Crow Canyon Archaeological Center* located in the American Southwest’s spectacular Four Corners region and immerse yourself in this in-depth, hands-on weeklong seminar of discovery! Part pottery workshop, part experimental archaeology, the 2013 Adult Research Seminar explores the technological and social aspects of ancient pottery production from the Basketmaker III through Pueblo III periods (A.D. 500-1300) in the central Mesa Verde region. How did ancestral Pueblo pottery traditions change through time, and what were the catalysts driving these changes? How do archaeologists analyze changes in pottery to learn about the individuals who produced the pottery in the past? What can pottery tell us about larger social networks throughout the American Southwest?

The week's activities focus on pottery replication and experimentation. Using locally available materials and traditional Pueblo techniques, you will build, paint, and fire your own vessel in an attempt to replicate ancestral Pueblo blackon white pottery. You will learn how laboratory analyses have contributed to our understanding of ancient pottery manufacture and how pottery design may provide important clues to Pueblo social dynamics. The week also includes lectures, three evening programs, and plenty of informal discourse on current topics in Southwestern archaeology. Come join us for this experiential journey into the past!





Distant view of Mesa Verde National Park from Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Educational Focus: The technological and social aspects of ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) pottery production and design.

Scholars: Paul Ermigiotti, Dr. Kari Schleher and Gregory Wood


Create your own replica of an ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) pottery vessel using traditional materials and methods.

Conduct laboratory experiments to compare archaeological and contemporary clay sources in the Mesa Verde region

Tour the Anasazi Heritage Center and view its spectacular collection of ancestral Pueblo pottery

Enjoy evening programs presented by experts in Southwestern pottery

For a detailed description seminar and daily activities click here for Program Brochure.

Registration: To register or for additional information visit: Archaeological Research Seminar

*Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is located in Cortez, Colorado adjacent to Mesa Verde National Park .


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